Thursday, February 7, 2013

"No Thank You" Notes

If you don't have kids, I'm certain that you have heard about them.

Unless you are like my sister-in-law who claims she has never seen a realty show. Not once. Not ever. She only begrudgingly admits that she knows of their existence at all.

But you are not her and you will admit that you have listened countless times as your Friends Up-bringing Kids With Inexplicable Tenacity (or FUK-WITS, as I prefer to call us), tell you over and over, "nobody ever told me about.......", before becoming a parent.

For example, the most famous one, of course, is that the expectant mother will poop in the delivery room when she is in labor. "They" say that you just don't care about pooping on the floor at that point because either, "You're just too happy because you are now a mother!"  (barf) or more realistically,  you really don't care because you just want that thing OUT by that point. 

At any rate, yes, I'm a parent and there are things that nobody told us before we had kids because they wanted to have a good laugh at our expense, once we became FUK-WITS, they wanted their kids to have at least a few friends of a similar age with cool parents or more likely, they just forgot because they are tired.


All of the time.

So after doing this parent thing for five years now, a few weeks ago I discovered something new and nearly as awful as pooping in front of a room full of strangers.

Kid's birthday parties.

I won't go into great detail because (see * above) but I will summarize by sharing with you the Thank You notes I will NOT be sending out this year, a few weeks after The Not-So-Little One's fifth birthday party.

"Dear XXX,
Thank you sooo much for asking if it was "OK" to bring the rest of your kids and husband to my five-year old's birthday party! 
Although I put your daughter's name only on the invitation, you were unable to take the not-so-subtle hint that this was a party for FIVE YEAR OLDS. 

Far be it from me to exclude your two teenagers, your one year old baby and your husband who has never spoken a word to me! Please let us pay for all of them to eat pizza, cake and have game tokens in exchange for a $9 gift that my kid will likely break or forget about by the end of the weekend.
We're so glad you could ALL make it- oh wait- that's right, you did not make the party after all. 

At least you were kind enough to RSVP via text message telling me (three days before the party) that all SIX of you may or may not make it to the party.

Hope you can (or cannot) make it (or not) again next year!
Love, Sue"

"Dear Grandma,
Thank you for showing up a half hour late and half drunk. We are all very grateful that you live close enough to see your grandkids  often and that you are still in reasonably good health- I mean, successfully navigating a Chuckee Cheese parking lot while half-tanked just proves how good your fine motor skills still are!

Again, we are lucky to have you here and even luckier that your grandchild still thinks that gifts purchased from Walgreens are the shit
Funny, me and the Tall Guy think they are shit! Ha, ha!
Love, Your Daughter Sue"

"Dear Old Friend from High School that Has No Kids But Thinks She Knows Everything About Them Anyway,
Thank you for getting my kid that whore-y looking doll that is totally inappropriate for a girl her age.
No, wait, inappropriate for any girl of any age.
Her little arched back, her pouty lips, her sky-high legs and micro-mini skirt all scream, "Five Year Old Girl Toy", I know, but do you really think a teeny, pink, plastic flask is appropriate for a little girl that is genetically predispositioned to have substance abuse and thrill-seeking issues in her future? 
Looking forward to the Hello Kitty Thong you'll undoubtedly bring next year!
Love, Sue"

"Dear Old Friend That I Used To Work With That Is No Longer a Part of 'The Gang' Because
Your Husband Was Fired By One of My Kid's Friend's Mom, Who Is Also At The Party,

You did not receive an invitation to attend my kid's fifth birthday party.
You're welcome.

Love, Sue"


  1. And I certainly DO thank you. Tell you what, Ms. Fire-er can have the kids parties and we'll just have to make do with "Vodka and Settlers" nights at your house instead. We still get to hang with the Sue Family, and the snacks are way better.

    Wait....what's wrong with shopping at Walgreens for birthday presents?

    1. I'll take you and the booze and game night any day over a kid's birthday party. There will be less crying and balloons but more vomit and complaining.

      Love the 'Greens.
      Next time you ask, 'What can we bring?' I'm going to say, 'Oh, I don't about a Chia Pet?'

  2. hahahaha - this is perfect as I was just making plans today for the twins 3rd birthday next month. silver lining to moving 650 miles away from home- only have to invite about 2 kids to the party. :-)

    1. You're on to a brilliant plan...A kid-free kid's party!

  3. Love this--friggin' awesome letters. Hey--got an award for you on my site--swing by and pick it up when you get a chance. Please leave a comment there so I know you got this message! Congrats!

    1. Hey, Thank you, Mama!
      A lot late to the game here...I loooove getting awards but as it turns out, I'm very bad at returning the love.

      In other words, I'm too dumm to figure out how to put them little thinga jiggies up on the blog and I'm far too lazy to pass on those lovely awards on to others :(

      Can you make up a No Good, Lazy Ass Blogger Narcissist Award for me instead???