Monday, October 15, 2012

Childhood Trauma #43

We had some New Friends over for an evening barbecue last night. They brought their two little girls and their puppy. It was nice- us adults were able to enjoy ourselves while the kids and dogs played/argued over toys/sniffed each other.

By the time they left, the house was actually pretty clean since the kids played mostly outside. The patio table had only a few stray dishes on it because the lovely New Friends helped clean up some of the mess. The kids (and dog) were exhausted and not fighting bed time since they were tuckered out from all of the playing/arguing/sniffing.

Ahh, a successful night!

Until I looked at the two text messages on my phone that apparently had been sent many hours earlier.

Around 6 pm from Angie: Where are you? We're missing your girls and we have a HUGE bounce-house in our backyard!

And later on from Becky: Are you guys ok? I miss you and my girls miss ur girls. Hope everything is ok.

Oh, crap.

I just caused my kid to miss her best friend's birthday party. No excuse. All my fault. We received the invitation a little late, just last week, and so in my mind the 14th must be waaay far away. I had plenty of time to get around to writing it on a calendar...or so I thought.

At any rate, I am feeling beyond bad about this and am trying to figure out a way to tell my kid that she will not be attending a Ninja themed birthday party with a HUGE bounce house.

The only thing I can say for certain is that I will NOT be telling the truth as to why my kid will miss the birthday party.

We can't say it was cancelled because she could eventually find out that it was not- I'm looking for something more imaginative than, "I forgot that it was supposed to be on the 14th and got buzzed with our New Friends at our own barbecue" but less imaginative than, "Mothra came and wrecked Nic's birthday party and Godzilla crushed the bounce house".

I am currently trying to not lose sight of the fact that this is sadly, not the worst parenting mistake I have made this month, much less this week.

I am also trying to find solace in the fact that in the grand scheme of things, missing this party is not the end of the world and will have little affect on my kid's future.

I am also taking suggestions on what lie I need to tell my kid so I come out smelling like roses.


  1. The birthday girl is allergic to dogs, you were all covered in dog fur, and there wasn't enough time for baths.

    1. For a woman who has a policy of not lying to her kid EVER, you come up a good lie! lol. Very believable too!

  2. Jenn- I like the way you think- was leaning towards an act of God kind of thing so this is right up my alley. However Birthday kid has a dog and it's MY kid that seems to be sensitive to everything- including my typical bullshit.

    Dessy- Why the hell didn't I think of that??

  3. There was a big flood between your house and Angie's. The cars would have sunk on the way there, so you invited her new friends and dog over to play with her at home instead, to make up for missing the party.